L’Oreal Beauty –
TikTok Campaign

Scooperz Creates Influencer Campaign for L’Oreal Featuring Beauty TikTok Trends

Showcase Products Through Influencer Campaign

L’Oreal Paris approached Scooperz to create a campaign that would showcase the best L’Oreal products from Beauty TikTok trends/videos. As the agency responsible for this campaign, our role was to develop a strategy that aligned with L’Oreal’s objectives, identify suitable, sustainable influencers, handle the seeding, manage content production, manage content going live on the influencers’ channels, and provide comprehensive reporting.


We started by selecting influencers whose content and vision aligned with L’Oreal’s brand values. The influencers created short-form videos that went live on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Our team closely managed the content production process to ensure that the final product met L’Oreal’s standards.

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Scooperz played a critical role in the campaign’s success by providing expertise in influencer selection, content creation, and campaign management. By combining our strategic approach with the creativity and talent of the influencers, we were able to deliver outstanding results for L’Oreal. The campaign demonstrated the value of influencer marketing in promoting L’Oreal’s products and building brand awareness. L’Oreal was thrilled with the campaign’s performance, and we were proud to have helped drive its success.

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Yvonne Groenendaal Country Manager Benelux

Thank you for the great collaboration! Working together has been an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to continuing our productive partnership for years to come!

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