Ready to make a significant impact as an influencer? Find out how Scooperz can help you shine on social media platforms.

Scooperz is the influencer management agency that empowers talents like you to shine on a global scale. Are you an influencer looking to take your collaborations to new heights? Look no further – we’ve got you covered. As an esteemed international influencer marketing and management agency, we possess the expertise and connections to help you make a significant impact worldwide.

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We understand your passion for content creation, and we’re here to elevate it to the next level. Our dedicated talent management team is committed to helping you achieve your dreams by connecting you with the right brands and forging lasting partnerships. We’ll collaborate closely with you to build your personal brand, craft resonating content for your audience, and achieve your financial aspirations. Our vast international network opens doors to major brands, offering endless opportunities to monetize your influence. The time has come to turn your dreams into reality.

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You’re a star – and we recognize it. You possess the talent, creativity, and devoted fanbase that deserve recognition from the best brands that appreciate your value and share your vision. That’s where Scooperz comes in. We provide comprehensive support, offering creative guidance, professional feedback, and personal coaching. Our goal is to help you enhance your brand identity and grow your audience. With us by your side, you can focus on what you love most – creating remarkable content for your fans.


At Scooperz, we specialize in connecting influencers like you with talent across various industries, spanning from mass markets to niche markets. Our robust network and extensive experience enable us to identify the perfect partnerships that will propel your career to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scooperz Talent Management, and what services do they offer to influencers?

Scooperz Talent Management is a talent agency that represents social media influencers and offers a range of services such as brand partnerships, content creation, and social media management.

How do I become an influencer represented by Scooperz Talent Management?

To become an influencer represented by Scooperz Talent Management, you can apply on our website by filling out the application form and providing information about your social media following, engagement, and content niche.

What criteria does Scooperz Talent Management look for in potential influencers?

If you aspire to become a top influencer in your industry and are in a position to fully dedicate yourself to your social media presence, then we’re your go to agency! We look for talent with an established presence on at least two social media platforms and a passion for creating engaging content, Scooperz Talent Management can help you achieve your goals. As your long-term business partner, we offer a range of services to support your growth and success. If you’re interested in joining our roster of talented influencers, please send us your social media links, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What kind of support can I expect to receive from Scooperz Talent Management once I am signed as a client?

Scooperz Talent Management provides influencers with a range of services, including brand partnerships, content creation, social media management, and talent coaching. The talent coaching service helps influencers enhance their professional skills, including media training, career development, and personal branding. We also provide support in areas such as contract negotiation, legal advice, and financial management.

How does Scooperz Talent Management help influencers grow their social media following and increase their engagement?

Scooperz Talent Management helps influencers grow their social media following and increase engagement by providing strategic guidance on content creation, audience engagement, and social media marketing. The years of experience in online content provided by our talent management, combined with our close proximity with social media platforms puts us in the ideal position to advise you on your career.

Can I be signed to other management companies or agents while signed with Scooperz Talent Management?

It is not possible to be under contract by other social media management companies or agents while signed with Scooperz Talent Management is not allowed, as it can create conflicts of interest and affect the quality of services provided. Exceptions are made for specific areas, such as music, modelling and entertainment.

How long are the contracts with Scooperz Talent Management, and what are the terms of the agreement?

Contracts with Scooperz Talent Management typically last for one year, with the option to renew. The terms of the agreement cover areas such as commission percentage, termination clauses, and confidentiality agreements.

What kind of brands and sponsorships has Scooperz Talent Management secured for their clients in the past?

Scooperz Talent Management has secured brand partnerships for their clients with a long list of international partners such as L’Oreal, Disney+, Gymshark, MyProtein, air up, NordVPN, Universal, among many, many others.

How will Scooperz Talent Management help me develop my personal brand and increase my exposure on social media platforms?

We help influencers through a variety of strategies, including guidance on content creation and curation, social media management and optimization, and promoting collaboration with other influencers and brands. By providing guidance on content creation, social media management, and brand partnerships, we help our talent increase their exposure and reach while maintaining their authenticity and personal brand.

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