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Elevate Your Brand with Influencer Gifting and Product Seeding

Are you looking to increase your brand visibility and create authentic connections with your audience? With influencer gifting and seeding, influential creators make sure your product captures attention. Stand out on the timeline with content that promotes genuine brand loyalty.



Influencer gifting is the strategic and innovative way of sending free products to creators within your industry. This powerful tactic generates a wave of content that authentically showcases your products.

Our Innovative Approach

At Scooperz, we are pioneers in influencer seeding. Our careful strategy ensures that your brand finds the perfect match in the influencer landscape, with impactful collaborations that go beyond a simple introduction.

Our dedicated community management process promotes ongoing engagement, turning a simple tag into a lasting relationship. We not only make connections; we build active communities and foster brand love.

Our services include:

✅ Seeding Concepts and Package Design

✅ Personalized product packages tailored to the needs of influencers

✅ Development of seeding lists and outreach

✅ Community Management to foster ongoing engagement

✅ Promotion of influencers’ posts and positive feedback

✅ Detailed tracking and reporting of Seeding results

Whether you want to increase brand awareness through giveaways or boost sales with exclusive campaigns, influencer gifting is your ultimate solution. Our impactful seeding campaigns put your products in the hands of the right influencers, creating genuine brand love in a cost-effective way.

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