News • 09/11/2023

[Cross Media Event] Inge Verhelst (Scooperz) about there Maxi-Cosi influencerevent

On October 18, the Cross Media Awards 2023 were presented at PHIL Haarlem. Scooperz was nominated for their Maxi-Cosi influencer event. We spoke with Inge Verhelst, Account Director of Social Media at Scooperz.

Can you introduce Scooperz?

Scooperz is an international social media and influencer marketing agency known for its strategic approach and innovative campaigns. As a pioneer in the digital marketing industry, Scooperz helps leading brands optimize their presence on social media and build sustainable relationships with their target audience. Scooperz is based in Breda and is among the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands.

Who was the client for the event, and who were the event sponsors?

The client for the event was Dorel Juvenile Europe, a global leader in the production of baby products with a long history of quality and innovation. Dorel aims to provide families with safe, reliable, and stylish products that meet their needs and lifestyle.

What were the objectives of the event?

Marketing communication objective:

Uniquely profile and position the new, as-yet-unreleased Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family above all existing car seats.

Event objective:

Leverage the effectiveness and efficiency of 10 top European influencers to create maximum publicity via Instagram.


An event for 10 top influencers with Instagram as the chosen channel.


An unforgettable multi-day introduction event for our top influencers in Marbella with a unique off-duty mommy program. From pregnancy-proof yoga to a car seat game involving all generations of Maxi-Cosi car seats, this allowed influencers to experience the existing lack of convenience in car seats and how our new Maxi-Cosi offers a solution.

Can you describe the event?

It wasn’t a cold, corporate product demonstration for the influencers; instead, it was an unforgettable Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family event. In Marbella, our internationally charismatic influencers and leaders within our target audience, expectant and young mothers, were literally wrapped up and immersed in the world of young mothers and the new Maxi-Cosi for three days.

It was a bold choice; only 10 influencers had to become the communicators for the European launch campaign of this revolutionary car seat, starting from the point of “Maxi-Cosi; we’ve got your back.”

The entire PR budget was allocated to 10 international macro-influencers to achieve optimal intrinsic and emotional commitment from our target audience through Instagram, a hyper-concentrated approach.

Inspiring and connecting through our influencers were the chosen key communication parameters. These also formed the core in the inspiration phase of a car seat. Future parents seek the optimal car seat during the orientation phase, followed by deliberation in the elimination phase. Our new Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family had to stand out above all competitors. This is why we chose 100% influencer marketing to inspire (emotion) and inform (knowledge) and activate (post) through Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories.

We had something truly new to share and had to convince our target audience in the complex decision-making process where convenience is now accessible to young parents.

Our challenge was: how to leverage the effectiveness and efficiency of our influencers? The chosen solution was an unforgettable influencer event, allowing our 10 international influencers to perform at their best.

International and national influencers were treated to an overwhelming program, both literally and figuratively, to maximize their charisma. Through the event experience created by Maxi-Cosi, we aimed to ensure our influencers would post at their best. Our challenge was to allow them to fully experience their off-duty mommy time and the Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family.

The influencer event was a three-day program like never before experienced by our pampered, young mommy influencers. From yoga in nature to a car seat game involving all generations of Maxi-Cosi car seats, it allowed influencers to experience the existing lack of convenience in car seats, for which our new Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family offered the solution.

Which agencies (media agencies, advertising agencies, event agencies) were involved in the development and execution of the campaign?

The strategic concept and tactical implementation of both the event and influencer marketing campaign were conceived, executed, and ultimately realized by Scooperz Agency.

How do you see the media types you operate in developing in the next ten years?

Digital channels will remain the primary discovery touchpoints for consumers and, therefore, essential media channels for advertisers.

One of the key developments is the increasing personalization of online content. Advertisers need to adapt to remain relevant. Media campaigns will shift from generic messages to highly specific messages within smaller communities.

We are currently witnessing a transition from glossy to more authentic content in media, as consumers seek authenticity and relatability, even in advertising. How this will further develop, especially in combination with AI, is hard to predict at this time. One thing is certain: social media will continue to evolve. Advertisers and influencers face the challenge of adapting to these changes to be successful. Those who can adapt quickly will be the winners in the market.

Which media and medium types were used for the event? How did you arrive at these choices?

The challenge was to uniquely profile and position the new, as-yet-unreleased Maxi-Cosi 360 Pro Family car seat above all existing car seats. In other words, our new premium-priced product, primarily based on a unique comfort experience, had to stand out in terms of perception compared to all competitors.

Audience insight:
  • Future mothers intensely research brands and models during or even before the pregnancy period.
  • The birth of the first child is the most critical decision point.
  • More than 90% of parents with children (0-4) struggle to get their children in and out of a car seat.
  • Safety and quality are the most critical purchase factors.
  • In the last 15 years, this has been supplemented with comfort for the child and convenience for the parents. Parents and close family members increasingly want to transport their (grand)child without physical discomfort.
Audience media use:
  • Instagram has evolved in recent years into the platform where our target audience, pregnant women, engage.
  • It serves as the primary search engine, source of inspiration, and community for pregnant women, functioning as a kind of trust pilot.
  • Influencers are uniquely capable of generating emotion, connection, and engagement for the target audience of pregnant women.

What were the results of the event?

The success of our unconventional, daring, and atypical communication approach yielded the following results:

Phase 1 (March 21 – April 4):

  • 10 Instagram Reels with a result of 793,800 views. Objective: 500,000. Index 159
  • Instagram Stories with a result of 5,685,287 views. Objective: 500,000. Index 1137
  • 8 Instagram Reels on Maxi-Cosi’s channel with influencers, resulting in 555,452 views.

Phase 2 (April 26 – May 3):

  • 10 Instagram Storysets with a result of 1,356,271 views. Objective: 1,000,000. Index 136 Phase 3 (June 1 – July 12)
  • 10 Instagram Reels with a result of 1,436,320 views. Objective: 500,000. Index: 287
  • 10 Instagram Storysets with a result of 1,051,202 views. Objective: 500,000. Index 210

In conclusion, our 3-day Marbella influencer event (March 21-24) was an unforgettable experience for the 10 chosen influencers, and the inspiration that resulted from it generated the unprecedented publicity described above and led to sales far