News • 14/06/2023

Creating Engaging Social Media Content: A Showcase of User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) refers to content created by users of a brand. Being produced by brand users, UGC becomes more trustworthy and relatable. It reflects real experiences, making viewers more likely to engage with it. The audience connects with authenticity, which helps build brand credibility. Compelling content; UGC serves as “social proof” persuading potential buyers of your brand’s quality. Users have a significant impact on the purchasing behavior of potential buyers or clients. They are more inclined to believe user recommendations rather than brand-sponsored information. Different types of user generated content can include videos, photos, and reviews, as long as they are created by someone other than the brand. An emerging trend is the rise of user generated content creators. UGC creators are hired by brands to produce content that resembles what a brand user would create – relatable and genuine. These UGC campaigns also offer users an opportunity to collaborate more closely with a brand they have been using and loving for years, fostering deeper relationships between brands and users. This creates a community and cultivates brand loyalty. UGC can be seen as equivalent to a potential new buyer asking their friends or family for recommendations on a product. It serves as a trust indicator. In fact, over 50% of millennials base their purchasing decisions on recommendations from their loved ones. UGC becomes this trusted friend.

Maxi-Cosi Best Practice

At Scooperz, we have successfully implemented UGC campaigns for Braun, Maxi-Cosi, and Kenwood. The Maxi-Cosi Nesta UGC campaign was particularly impactful. We captured the audience’s attention and provided them with authentic content. The public responded positively to this honest and relatable content, leading to an improved perception of the brand. Building on the success of this campaign, we recently launched a new UGC campaign for MaxiCosi’s latest line of futuristic car seats. Now is the ideal time to invest in UGC, as its popularity will only continue to grow over time.