News • 22/06/2023

Interview: Esther Goos, founder of Scooperz, the growth of her company and the future of social media

Can you share the story of how you started Scooperz and provide an overview of how it’s currently doing?
I started Scooperz after working for a long time at various large companies, mainly as an interim manager and consultant. It was around the time when social media was really taking off, and it caught my interest. I found it fascinating how you could connect with different people through social media and how companies, even without a large media budget, could put themselves in the spotlight. That inspired me to do something with it. I began giving trainings and lectures and quickly realized that others didn’t see it as something to do themselves. That’s why we started doing it for others as well, which was essentially the beginning of Scooperz. Over the years, Scooperz has grown and developed successfully. The social media channels and the ways in which companies and influencers use them have changed. Scooperz has also expanded significantly. We now have nearly 50 team members and work with major brands and creators. While we have achieved a lot, it still feels like the beginning because our ambitions are big.

How was your experience of starting a business on your own?
I already had a lot of experience as a manager and leader within large companies, but entrepreneurship was a challenge. I had to learn how to be an entrepreneur. Naturally, I am an expert and enjoyed sharing knowledge, but setting up a business model, building a team with the same expertise, and finding a balance between entrepreneurship, leadership, inspiration, and working on projects myself was a journey. My role has also changed over the years. Initially, I did everything myself, then I collaborated with a few people, and now we have a whole team that is much better at this than I am. My entrepreneurship now feels solid, but the first few years were different.

How do you see Scooperz and the work you do being meaningful to others?
Scooperz is an agency of the present, a new kind of advertising agency, artist management agency, and customer service agency. We are truly at the forefront of the market and leading when it comes to trends and how we apply them. I think we can make a significant difference for major brands. We know how to leverage new trends and techniques on social media and help brands get closer to their target audience. But we are also highly meaningful to creators and influencers. We help them develop themselves, build a successful business, generate income, and stay relevant. We see ourselves as partners for creators and influencers, not just as an agency that handles deals for them.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses?
The most important advice I can give is to just start. Entrepreneurship is a journey where you constantly learn and grow. It’s not necessary to have everything perfect before you begin. Dare to make mistakes, learn from them, and keep going. The second advice is to surround yourself with people who share your vision and can strengthen you in areas where you may be less strong. This way, you can grow your business faster and make it more successful.

Are there any role models or inspiring individuals who have influenced your entrepreneurship?
Yes, absolutely. One of my role models is Richard Branson. I love his entrepreneurial style and how he always looks for new opportunities and adventures. Elon Musk is also a source of inspiration for me. His vision and perseverance are admirable. But I’m also inspired by the many entrepreneurs and creators I have worked with. I learn a lot from them, and they motivate me to constantly improve myself and Scooperz.

What are your long-term goals and dreams for Scooperz?
My dream is for Scooperz to become an internationally recognized agency that works with the biggest brands and the most influential creators and influencers worldwide. I want Scooperz to be known as a forward thinking and innovative company that constantly explores new ways and pushes the boundaries of social media. I hope that we can have a positive impact on how brands and creators communicate with their audiences and that we can set the standard for successful collaborations and campaigns.